Why Prometis?

Prometis Cyber Security is a professional company delivering high value to clients through its cybersecurity services. It is imperative for many industries including Financial institutions, Healthcare companies, Government agencies, Technology companies, Small businesses, Educational institutions, Manufacture & Automobiles, to have a sound security system. Prometis Cyber Security audits the companies and provides solutions that transform them into a secure and vigilant system through its resilient cyber risk approach.

             Prometis has in-depth knowledge on the network, threat intelligence, endpoint, forensics and malware reverse engineering, as well as the functioning of specific applications or underlying IT infrastructure. Prometis takes a proactive approach by hunting for potential threats, instead of responding to escalated incidents. Prometis is closely involved in developing, tuning and implementing threat detection analytics.

              Prometis offers advanced anomaly detection; tool-specific data aggregation and analysis and threat intelligence. Prometis has expertise in intrusion detection and in-depth hacker tools, techniques, exploits and incident handling; Intense hands-on pen-testing skill development; analysis tools and techniques.

Our Mission

  1. To ensure regulatory approved Information and Cyber Security policy is in place for companies
  2. To ensure that necessary implementation procedures are laid down companies for Information and Cyber Security related issues.
  3. To ensure that companies are adequately prepared to mitigate Information and cyber security related risks.
  4. To ensure that an in-built governance mechanism is in place for effective implementation of Information and cybersecurity framework.

Digital business transformation, combined with the increased connectivity of people, devices, and organizations, has created a complex security landscape, leaving enterprises vulnerable to cyber risk. Across industries organizations are engaged in a series of battles in a cyber war against multiple and unexpected adversaries – ranging from organized crime rings to nation states and terrorist groups, online vigilantes, and hacktivists. And cybersecurity risk is not only external, but internal too, with increasingly complex insider threats to a company’s trade secrets and employee safety. Prometis aims to guide businesses through all of the complexities found in complying with the law, using the latest technology, various investigations required to identify threat, compliance and security.


Prometis helps in uncovering the truth and evidence ethically. Prometis helps organizations address their most significant risk issues.