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Data Security Program

The third-largest tractor manufacturer in the world and second-largest in India has approached Prometis CyberSecurity to perform in-depth Risk Assessment covering the entire IT and R&D division, Center of Excellence, Material and Finance


  1. In continuation of the previous Risk Assessment, the Board has given the assignment to identify the potential risk and data information leakage points. 
  2. The challenge is to understand the data flow across the 32  R&D departments and provide consistent process documents that identified and tags all sensitive information according to corporate and regulatory requirements for data privacy


  1. Developed information security program for Data Security to identify new data and legacy data
  2. Created policy document for data discovery and classification
  3. Enabled effective data security controls covering the data loss prevention and digital rights management
  4. Trained 600+ Employees on Data Protection Awareness program


  1. The policy and process document created as part of the Data Security Program has helped Employees being responsible in handling the sensitive data with proper classification.
  2. The comprehensive coverage of risk identification includes external factors as well as all risks/ vulnerabilities in protecting the information security relating to data.