Healthcare Companies

Healthcare Companies :




Prometis understands the need to protect sensitive data in the Healthcare industry. There is an increased threat in the healthcare industry from unauthorized hackers. 


Hospitals and healthcare institutions usually share and store sensitive data like patient medical and payment records, and also financial data like payer and provider data. There is also a risk of having data related to wired and wireless IoT (Internet of Things) to the medical devices in healthcare environments.




  • It is important to have security in the Healthcare industry for storing sensitive data, because of HIPAA and due to high technology which has made the safety of electronic health records mandatory.


  • We all understand that data is only increasing day by day and so are the means to store this data. Like every other industry, even Healthcare industries need to have high data storage made available and also need to protect the sensitive data therein. 




  • Prometis offers a unique and cost-effective way to ensure the security of the data in Healthcare companies, Usually, healthcare companies will not have the budget to have a specialized team for taking care of the cybersecurity.


  • This is where companies like Prometis come into play, which can offer the service at a far lesser cost to the company with much greater expertise.