Network Assessment

India's largest Manufacturers and exporters of Two and Three-Wheeler Tyres, utilized Prometis CyberSecurity expertise for network assessment to identify vulnerabilities in IT/ ERP environment.


  1. Despite significant investment in IT infrastructure, client organizations took time to recover network devices when the disaster occurred due to a lack of understanding of HA/DR process.
  2. Data loss and revenue impacted due to the failure of network devices to come online within the SLA defined
  3. Client wanted to check the effectiveness of network infrastructure controls in place.


  1. Detailed network assessment has been performed and identified key network misconfigurations causing vulnerabilities in their IT Assets and policies.
  2. Two-layered assessment performed: a. Network assessment(Firewalls, routers etc.) b) Recommendation for redefining the existing policies so the failover is seamless in   the future
  3. Best practices and recommendations provided


  1. Two-layered assessment of client’s IT infrastructure exposed key vulnerabilities in their IT  Assets and Policies
  2. Equipped with Prometis CyberSecurity recommendations, Client has started it’s a journey from  ‘Protection’ heavy philosophy to  ‘Protection, Detection and  Respond’ ‘approach