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Symantec End Point Protection

Case Study

Major vertical – a Publisher company was not able to control it’s network. Once the contract was given to Prometis Cyber Security the following was deployed. DHCP Enforcement to the unmanaged / rogue system from the network. Patch  GAP was identified based on the risk pattern and deployed using SNAC policy. Risk was drastically reduced from Total Virus Count Per Month 109227 to Total Virus Count Per Month = 1101.


Lock down the entire contents of your system, or an external or USB flash drive you specify.  Use part of your hard drive space as an encrypted virtual disk volume with its own drive letter. Create secure, encrypted Zip archives. Put files and folders into a single encrypted, compressed package that can be opened on Windows systems that do not have PGP Desktop Email or PGP Desktop installed. Completely destroy files and folders so that even file recovery software cannot recover them.

Network Assessment

Case Study

A leading manufacturing company has requested the network assessment to identify the cyber threat vulnerability to get comprehensive visibility on the threats targeting their IT environment.

Despite significant investment in IT infrastructure client organization took time to recover network devices when disaster occurred due to lack of understanding of HA/DR process. Client wanted to check the effectiveness of network infrastructure controls in place. High security breach risk as the critical business-related data stored in personal computer.


A design plan to isolate the enterprise to be developed. Better handling of HA/DR process by doing frequent failover testing so that during the actual disaster it will take minimum time to restore services. CAPEX revision to onboard right resources.

Clients  IT infrastructure exposed key vulnerabilities in there IT assets and policies. With the recommendations the client has started the journey to make changes in network design and have right resources to support the environment

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