Industries that need Cyber Security

Prometis CyberSecurity, is an IT Cybersecurity company which offers services to clients operating in a broad spectrum of industries covering Steel, Oil, Energy, Construction, Fertilizer, Paper, Cement, Sugar, Automobile, BFSI and FMCG.

Are you Cyber Protected?

According to Ponemon Institute, the damage caused by cybercrime is estimated to hit $6 trillion by the year 2021. This has led to a forecast that there will be an estimated increase in spending by companies for cyber security between the periods of 2017 and 2021 to $1 trillion. 

Cyber Protection more necessary now

Across industries organizations are engaged in a series of battles in a cyber war against multiple and unexpected adversaries – ranging from organized crime rings to nation states and terrorist groups, online vigilantes, and hacktivists. 


  • Prometis offers Cyber Security services to organisations which store tonnes of data on computers and other devices.These companies include financial, corporate, military, government and medical.The data that these companies collect is highly sensitive and can include financial data, intellectual property, personal information etc.


  • If there is unauthorised access or exposure, it can lead to severe consequences. This data has to be secure since it is transmitted to other data networks and devices while doing business. Wherever the transfer happens there is a risk to the sensitive data across networks.


  • It is imperative that cyber security is of utmost importance in order to protect the information. While cyber attacks are numerous and of high sophistication, it is important to stay ahead of the game with Prometis


  • We are dedicated to safeguard the information of national security, finance, personal or health.Cyber attacks can threaten the national security and it is more dangerous than terrorism.

Prometis CyberSecurity Pvt. Ltd.

We Make It Easy:

We Tackle the threats.

Prometis protects everything that is valuable while ensuring that the data is available to organizations and third parties as defined by you. We ensure that there is zero downtime, to reduce any effect on the revenue and a negative effect on your brand image. Prometis commits to threat detection and reaction in real-time, which is mandatory for your organization through managed security infrastructure.

We evaluate your options and choices.

Your growing cloud applications and data must be as secure as your on-premise equipment. The diversity of technologies within your infrastructure, from mobile to broadband, makes it hard to ensure the appropriate levels of security. It’s essential to protect your activities from Internet attacks and your internal network at the perimeter. Being tied to any one particular vendor or technology can be hazardous in the fast-paced environment of security.

We never forget the human factor.

Security solutions should be user friendly with no impact on anyone’s productivity. They should be easy to manage for your IT security teams and provide secure access to your corporate resources and cloud applications. Your mobile fleet needs protection from the many emerging forms of attack that only an advanced detection mobile solution can provide.