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01. Who we are?

Prometis Cybersecurity was founded in 2019 with the sole intention to provide unparalleled security services to organizations across the world through a range of security solutions that are highly customizable to client requirements and also ensure 100% compliance against all major compliance standards

03. How much does a website cost?

Vulnerability Assessment – Identifying, Quantifying, and Ranking Vulnerabilities. Advising on Eliminating Security Risks

Penetration Testing – Black Box ,White Box Testing

Security Code Review –  Checking for errors in Source Code

Infrastructure Security Audit – Detecting Weaknesses in Security Policies and Procedures, Monitoring Tools, Configuration Management, Version Control

Compliance Testing – Verifying compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and other standards and regulations

ISO 27001 and Operations Risk Assessment 31000.

Security Resilience – Provide Security Awareness Training to all Organizations

SAP/ERP Security Capabilities – Vulnerability and Compliance Risk.

Data Protection – Data Discovery and Classification

05. What are the methodologies based on?

Prometis CyberSecurity methodology leverages a variety of Industry standard frameworks and regulatory guidance.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

ISO 27001 and ISO 27002.






07. How are your services priced?

We have listed the basic pricing on our Website, but the pricing differs based on the scope of the work.

Because we customize each engagement based on the client's needs. At Prometis, we always aim to give the best experience for the client with respect to cost and quality.

02. What industries do Prometis CyberSecurity Serve?

Financial Services



Higher Education

Retail & Online Stores

Utilities & Mining

Cloud Service Providers

04. What Gap analysis and assessments do Prometis provide?

We have a well-defined methodology that covers over 100+ areas of cyber security for small and medium businesses.  These areas are based on industry standards and governance requirements that are applicable to each industry.

Here is the approach we follow:

1. We use the existing information to find the gaps in the current posture.

2. Using different scanning tools, workshops to find address gaps that enable the business to address risks.

3. Using the model we identify all known risks and give recommendations on how to address them.

4. Based on the business decisions on where the client wants to take the strategy we are there to help.

5. Gap analysis will be used to create a comprehensive security program customized to business 

06. What is Prometis CyberSecurity Approach to CyberSecurity?

Our goals is to partner with our clients to create and sustain environments that are realistic and cost-effective to protect information assets while maintaining a balance of productivity and operational effectiveness.

Common Misconceptions:

01. We don’t have critical data, so why should we invest in Cyber Security Services?

Protecting the data is one side of the coin in an overall security program. The main challenges are risks and liabilities including preventing mistakes, misuse by insider threats, malicious attacks that compromise the systems, partners, customers, or even employees.  Your liability goes just far beyond the data. All these things result in putting company's reputation at stake. Poorly executed governance and compliance may result in hefty fines by the Government.

03. We have IT team, who takes care of Security. Aren't we covered?

Information Security takes very specialized skills. In most of the companies, IT team manages Security along with other duties.  IT teams generally do not provide full-time endeavors above and beyond just IT. We recommend having a dedicated Security team that is focused totally on Cyber Security safeguarding.

Prometis do provide managed services where our dedicated specialized professionals will take care of the company security needs end-to-end. This helps the company focus on the business rather than worrying about Security.

02. We are small and medium sized companies to have security problems. Do you see risk?

There is no difference between the small, medium, and large companies when it comes to security risks.

All companies should pay equal attention to Security risks in order to safeguard the company’s infrastructure.

Prometis can help in identifying the potential risks and provide recommendations to enhance security.

04. Why do my employees need Cyber Security Awareness training?

Information Security Awareness training plays very important role for the employees in day-to-day work. Employees should be aware of the latest cyber attacks that happened across other companies, so they can help protect the business and vigilant on the things that are going around.

The awareness program also helps in giving information on how to protect the data and ensure the environment is cyber safe. Prometis has excellent track record of training employees across different industries.

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